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Taux de change quotidiens

Devise Taux
U.S. Dollar (USD) 33.46
British Pound (GBP) 45.81
Euro (EUR) 39.24
Australian Dollar (AUD) 24.33
Canadian Dollar (CAD) 26.23
Swiss Franc (CHF) 36.11
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 5.17
Japanese Yen (JPY) 0.31
Russian Rouble (RUB) 0.46
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 4.30
Indian Rupee (INR) 0.45
Singapore Dollar (SGD) 24.77
Thai Baht (THB) 1.00

Location saisonniere

Layan | Villa / Maison

This is an extraordinary and unique villa located in a south-facing slope of Layan area that gives you a beautiful view onto the valley and also the sea. Distantly surrounded by 5 other luxury villas the property is being watched by a security company 24/7. You will have access t...